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Apprenticeships provides a great alternative route into work

Traineeship and Apprenticeship Meadows



Apprenticeship is a perfect way to gain credible qualifications whilst working. They provide a real alternative for those who do not want to study in a formal educational environment. The aim of all formal education is to find work, but in apprenticeships both work and education go hand in hand.

Taking up an Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to earn a salary whilst still completing a programme of vocational learning. You will gain industry experience together with industry specific qualification and get paid for it! No previous work experience is necessary and the Apprenticeship programme generally lasts for a minimum of 12 months, giving you (the apprentice) great work experience and the opportunity to progress in your chosen career (getting a foot on the career ladder).

Is an Apprenticeship for you?

An apprenticeship is first and foremost a job that comes with substantial training and the development of transferable skills, which is beneficial to the employer and the employee! If you want real, hands-on experience and a wage while you learn, then an apprenticeship is for you! Modern Apprenticeships offer endless opportunities across all industry sectors.

As employees, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Apprentices learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money all at the same time.



Traineeships provide young people (16 to 24 years old) with real life work experience and the training you need to get you into work or an apprenticeship.

You’ll have the chance to develop the skills that will prepare you for the workplace, including CV writing, interview techniques, time management, problem solving at work and much more. You’ll be able to build your confidence with practical work experience. You’ll do a placement with a local company to really help you gain the skills that employers are looking for and the confidence that you can use in future employment.

If you are on benefits, you may be able to take up a Traineeship programme without losing your benefits. Unlike apprenticeships, you will not earn a wage. However, you will have the opportunity of work experience to prepare you for work or an apprenticeship. This is a very short programme and is typically 8 to 12 weeks.

Is Traineeship for you?

Are you unemployed and without experience? Did you struggle in your GCSE Maths and English? Well look no further, here is a chance to get some experience and improve your Maths and English.

You get the chance of work placement in the sector of your choice together with a relaxed learning environment gaining an NVQ/QCF qualification and functional skills in Numeracy and Literacy

Traineeship and Apprenticeship Meadows

What our apprentices and trainees are saying about us

Thanks to TBAC, they found me a Business Administration Apprenticeship and I have since finish my Level 3 and I have been offered a permanent fulltime position.



I met with TBAC at the Jobcentre to discuss a possible apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. They found me a Level 3 apprenticeship position with a residential nursing home. I passed my Level 3 and I am now a Supervisor.



I applied to TBAC for a Traineeship in Sports & Fitness. I was accepted on the course after completing an initial assessment and was given a 12 weeks placement with Virgin Active gym in Nottingham. It was 1 of the best experience of my life and I got my CYQ Level 2. Big Thanks!